Budapest Hostels

Friends Hostel
The Friends Hostel in Budapest is located in a rather grand looking building, but inside what you get is a friendly and laid back hostel that is going to be the perfect location for your stay in this rather vibrant and busy city.

Budapest Budget Hostel
The hostel itself is in a wonderful stone building, but do not allow yourself to be fooled by its rather dull exterior as this is one hostel that is crammed full of life and vibrancy making it a wonderful place to stay

Honey Hostel
If you are looking for out there and funky, then this is not the place for you. Instead, this is a hostel that is going to provide you with clean and fresh accommodation and, at the same time, a safe and secure place for you to rest after a hard day checking out the sights and a had evening checking out the party side of the city.

Downtown Oasis
The hostel is also kept spotlessly clean with staff making sure of this on a daily basis. Also, you can expect free tea, coffee, and towels which are just a nice added bonus considering what you usually get in other hostels around the world.

David Hasselhostel
Overall, the David Hasselhostel Party Hostel is not the kind of place to stay at if you are looking for a quiet vacation. However, if you want to party constantly and chill out with other like minded people, then there is nowhere best in Budapest.