Great location, very friendly and helpful staff, cute decor inside, really convenient for local restaurants and shops, but also tourist attractions. Also, bar right next door, quite cheap.
We did book a double room and ended up getting a twin room, but really for how little we paid the experience was very good, would definitely stay again.

rebecca w
April 1, 2016

We had a nice stay in this hostel. The rooms and beds are of decent quality and so is the sanitary. We did not make use of the common room and the kitchen, so I cannot really say anything about them except that they are there.
The hostel lays in the city centre of Budapest and in walking distance of many public transport stops. Basically the hostel is situated next to a big shopping street and many other shops are nearby.
We got free breakfast with our stay. The breakfast was in the cafe next door and was of good quality. It was the same every day, but had a big spectrum of food and drinks, including cereal, yoghurt and bread.
If I'd go to Budapest again I would certainly think about staying here again.

Danny K
April 1, 2016

A great value for money, that is obvious. I recommend this hostel. Perfect location and very nice staff. However I would not say it is a partying hostel. No common places to meet people, only rooms. I visited this hostel during the winter, maybe it is for that reason. Difficult to cook in the small kitchen but you do not need it actually bc food is cheap outside.

March 4, 2016

I think you should take care of the showers of the 4th floor: there was a lot of water on the floor and one of the shower was out of service. No toilet paper in the man toilet and no key. Besides of that, no real problem. Thanks, it was a cool stay !

February 10, 2016

What an excellent hostel! Receptionists were always kind and helpful. The female one offered me Turkish delight and some tea, even if I couldn't do the check in yet :) Beds had curtains and also private wooden boxes to leave stuff, which was really handy (besides the lockers, as well!). My only inconvenience is that to get to the bathrooms/showers you had to get past the common area.

January 16, 2016

The hostel is as central as can be and is well sign-posted. Staff are friendly and helpful, and my twin bed private ensuite room was warm and relatively comfortable. However, it's definitely not the most comfortable place I've stayed for a few reasons:
1. Our bathroom was a bit unsightly (peeling paint on the walls), did not lock, and we had to buy our own hand soap as none was provided.
2. The kitchen was not particularly clean despite the 5€ fee that is allegedly charged to those who don't wash/clean after themselves.
3. We were unfortunate enough to stay at the same time as a very large and inconsiderate tour group, inconsiderate because they shouted to each other, laughed loudly, made loud noises, slammed doors, threw toilet paper down the stairs etc. at all hours. This group carried on one night until 12.30am, forcing us to complain to the front desk. Although the noise did stop shortly after, we were woken again at 4.20am by the same noises from the same group. Although the staff can only do so much, we both felt that harsher noise penalties were necessary in such an extreme case.
The experience was mostly positive, however, with a big plus being the relatively low levels of street noise despite the central, inner-city location. Five minute walk from the metro, about ten from supermarkets, and surrounded by restaurants, it would be fantastic if only rules regarding noise and cleanliness were better upheld.

Sam S
January 2, 2016

Really helpful and kind staff! Even though the building is old, they kept the common areas really clean and the beds were also taken care properly. Additionally the location of the hostel is perfect. Heating while during two days the radiator was totally too hot and when the heating was turned off for the rest of our stay and because the inner windows couldn't be closed properly, the temperature inside was quite too cold. Additionally a possibility to lock the toilet's door would be nice.

January 2, 2016

Great location near monuments and very friendly staff! They were very helpful and flexible and they changed our booking from 3 to 2 nights just a day before arrival. Value for money on a highest level. I recommend it.

October 22, 2015

Liked: The staff were helpful and is a very good central location

Disliked: There was a lot of damage to most of the building, our door to our room wouldn't shut let alone lock they didn't have keys for lockers, bathroom toilets and doors wouldn't lock, had missing handles etc

September 16, 2015

Central location, so it is easy to get around the city. There is hot water all the time. Clean and comfy beds and the room I stayed in was pretty spacious with a small table in the middle. Incredibly nice staff, especially the guy who checked me in.

September 11, 2015